Bravo BTP 12v Mano Inflation Pump


Bravo BTP 12v Mano Inflation Pump
Bravo product - 12 volt DC portable inflation pump with built in manometer
Bravo product - Inflates to 15 PSI and stops inflation at pressure you set on the dial.
Bravo product - Adjustable valve fits Wahoo/Wakooda Naru
Halkey Roberts

Bravo BTP 12v Mano Inflation Pump


Adjustable manometer dial set the PSI/bar and stops when reached., 2 stage inflation inflates an 11′ Wahoo SUP in less than 4 minutes. -by Bravo

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This compact inflation pump will get you on the water quickly with next to no effort at all. Connect the pump to your SUP/KAYAK/Kite, set the target inflation on the gauge and push the start button. The pump will automatically stop when the target PSI is reached. Disconnect and off you go.

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