Lifetime 6 Foot Yellow Youth Kayak

$189.99 $146.49

Lifetime 6 Foot Yellow Youth Kayak
Lifetime product - Specifically designed for kids

Lifetime 6 Foot Yellow Youth Kayak

$189.99 $146.49

Perfect for lakes and ponds, Includes one black double-sided paddle -by Lifetime

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The 6 ft Wave Kayak from Lifetime Products is designed especially for kids. The flat-bottomed hull provides excellent stability on the water and makes it practically impossible to tip over! Smooth one piece blow-molded plastic construction is durable, lightweight, and has no protruding hardware. Built-in features like multiple footrests and a paddle cradle add to the functionality of this awesome little kayak for kids. Introduce your child into the wonderful world of kayaking with this youth kayak from Lifetime Products. Specifically designed for their size and their safety with easy climb on rear deck and smooth contoured construction with no protruding hardware. This youth kayak includes a padded snap-in backrest, built-in paddle cradle, and foot rest positions for leverage when paddling. Tunnel hull design makes this kid’s kayak so stable on the water that it’s practically impossible to tip over with a double-wedged fin design which assists in tracking through the water. Perfect for lakes and ponds. Recommended for fun-loving children age 5 and up. Weight capacity 140 lbs. Built-in Features Paddle cradle to secure paddle when not in use Scupper holes to drain the cockpit area Foot wells for leverage when paddling Molded finger handles on each side of the kayak Includes one black double-sided paddle Specifically designed for kids. Superior stability. Practically impossible to tip over!. Perfect for lakes and ponds. Includes one black double-sided paddle.

Combo Pack
1 – P38 Can Opener 1 1/2in. Long
1 – P51 Can Opener 2in. Long
Fits on Key chain

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